Busy Busy!!!

So we have been so busy trying to get this paperwork done for Ioua.  Today is going to be really exciting though! I am about to leave right now to officially change my name!!! We just barely got our license in the mail so finally I can be official!

Last summer when we were still dating we watched Teen Wolf with Shawn and Darcy …

Anyway we stayed up all night to watch it last night because it comes on even later here.  And right before it came on the state emergency system came on … for the next hour.  Oh well we’ll just have to watch it online.
I love being married … especially to Ioua! He likes to do the same stuff I do.  This last Saturday he walked around Ikea with me for hours and all we bought were two pillows and cases.  It was so fun to be in the different set ups and imagine a time where we have a house that we can decorate how ever we want … when we’re 80 haha.  My favorite was the home work rooms they had set up for kids … and of course the Swedish meatballs! BOMB!
Then we went to Jenny’s for a little while before they had to go to a wedding and he had to sit and listen to me and Jenny chat because Ifo was sleeping after fighting some fires … Poor guy.  I love him so much! He is always so patient with me!!!

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