So Silly …

So a couple of weekends ago Ioua and I decided to go on an ‘adventure’.  Clearly that meant we were going to put on our new camel packs and walk to Jan Web and Emily’s house.  So we walked the 11 blocks or what ever it is and knocked on the door and said, “Hi, we just walked 11 blocks … let us sit on your couch and invade your life!”

They were really nice and after resting for a while I got the brilliant idea of walking to go get a snow cone!  I am not really good at knowing how far things really are …

So we walked and walked and walked and walked (Emily being sick) and finally got there.  I was dizzy with heat stroke and Emily looked like she might throw up, but it was totally worth it … I hope it was worth it and I didn’t make my sick sister in law walk all that way for nothing (during the hottest part of the day!)

This was my prize … tiger’s blood with ice cream at the bottom! This was us after we rested under a tree at BYU for forever trying to recover!

Aren’t I such a good sister in law!?!!

This last weekend we went to Stewart Falls with Christine and Brigham.  It was beautiful and sunny and I was going to just play all day in the water fall.  Christine and Brigham had been before and she said it was just a quick paved walk to the falls and you could swim and it was way fun … so I was stoked!

Well Christine remembered it a little bit differently, Ioua and I were not wearing good shoes at all and when we go there it is freezing cold and raining.  We waited by the trail for everyone and all these people were running back to their cars COVERED in mud talking about how it was muddy everywhere and it had hailed all over them.  I was suddenly not wanting to see ANY waterfall let alone one that was muddy and miserable! But we went anyway of course.

So paved trail my foot, it’s not like it was so bad of a hike I was going to die, but we were not prepared with the right clothes and shoes! Oh well we finally got there and it was pretty, but we were so tired we didn’t go to the water fall.

Lucy and I ran ahead on the way back because we were the girl team and we were gonna win! Then Uncle Ioua was a meany and tried to race Lucy and she fell, she was alright after we gave her an Oreo.  There were a ton of dogs on the trail so we had to keep lifting Lucy up, she is so good at it, she sees a dog and just jumps into your arms! It is so fun having them so close! I love every second of it!

So Ioua and I are turning into Dad in that we see every movie ever! We have a hook up though and get in for free!!!  We just went this week and saw Spider Man! It was soooo much better than the old one (which happened to be on TV before we left for the movie and I made Ioua turn it off because I just couldn’t take it!)

I LOVE Emma Stone! Especially when she is a red head, but I like the blond too! I always tell Ioua I want to look like her and then he does his husband duty and say,s “No way you are WAY prettier than her.”  But really though! Loved the actors loved the movies!

Love my life!

3 thoughts on “So Silly …

  1. Tiger's Blood+Ice Cream=My favorite!!! So jealous 🙂 Looks like you and Ioua are always having a fun adventure or 2 🙂 The result of just going and doing like you do! We love you guys!

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