October October …

Yay it is my birthday month!!! I am so excited! My dad made me a Hermione wand, my hubbs is letting me pick something from Amazon … (and possibly Olive Garden?)  Who cares as long as I get to see hubbs and hopefully my other family up here!

Breast Cancer awareness month is also here.  Makes me appreciate my Mom and how much I love and appreciate her.  Her strength through everything has taught me so much!

Luckily my Mom did catch hers pretty early I think.  Anyway she has done so well with treatment and everything.  (Of course even if she wasn’t you would never hear about it because she never complains about anything.

I have a lot of special memories from this past year or so that have really changed my life.  When I first found out I went straight to Jenny’s house and talked with her about it.  We were pretty scared, but then Ifo came home and “talked us off the ledge”.  He was very calm and reassuring and I was so grateful for my family!

Christine Started a blog for my mom where we could all come together as a family even though we were far apart.  I feel very blessed to have shared my heart and feelings and to know others as well.  Hopefully it helped my mom, (even when I posted the video of her learning how to shuffle) haha.

The funniest (and I hope my mom doesn’t get embarrassed) was after my mom found out for sure from the doctor I was visiting and she said, “You wanna see it!”

One of the sweetest memories was coming down to visit and all the men in our family shaved their heads!  We went straight to a restaurant where we were going to meet everyone. (Thai food) Uncle Buck was the only one there besides my mom and I saw his head (and then everyone else’s) and had to hold my tears in all night!  I’ll never forget the way he watched over my mom that night.  He was so protective and it touched my heart. Uncle Buck had me tricked when I was little.  He always made me nervous because of all of the stories that I heard.  But as I got older I was able to see who he really is.  And during that moment I truly saw.

And of course there was the constant, quiet strength coming from my dad.  I think the spouse probably goes through their own version of hell when something like this happens.  My dad never acted like that though.  His faith in the Lord kept him strong for my mother as well as my family.  I am grateful everyday to have been raised by someone who could teach me by the example of his own faith.

There were many stories of people who just did what they could. Let me tell you right now that I talk to my mom almost everyday on the phone and she told me many of those stories.  Even if you thought you weren’t doing a lot, your words and actions touched her as well as her family more then you could know.

She really was amazed at school, and I remember her crying on the phone one day about how she never realized how many people really loved her.  And it’s true! She is the kind of person that comes around once in a life time.  Anyway, her school put together a Relay for Life team.  She didn’t really know about it ahead of time, but was so touched when she got there and found her ‘team’ was there silently supporting her.

Photo courtesy of Darcy!
My mother is so amazing and loving and every good thing I could ever write!  I am so glad that my favorite month is now even better because I get to celebrate the life of the most important woman in my life!

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