Temple Date

Ioua and I had a wonderful date at the temple! I am truly grateful for such a wonderful husband and for the fact that we are sealed together for time and all eternity.  It is a comfort to know that as long as I am faithful and true to the covenants I have made, death can not separate me from my hearts duet.

It is so calming and uplifting.  It is hard to describe the spirit you feel there.  My visiting teacher came yesterday and we were talking about how you need to treat things, even things like visiting teaching as a covenant with Heavenly Father.  Even if you don’t feel you are helping the girls you visit, you are showing Heavenly Father that what is important to him is important to you, and in doing this you will be trusted with inspiration, and greater responsibility.  I have seen this in my own life as I really try to serve the Lord and do all of the things we are counseled to do by our Prophet and other church leaders.  The small covenants are, in many ways, just as important as the covenants you make in the temple.

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