Ultimate Fat Kid Dinner.

Yesterday Ioua and I made the ULTIMATE fat kid dinner.  Ioua was in charge of the chocolate chip waffles and the eggs, while I was in charge of the … DONUTS!!!

I love donuts, but we are on a budget so I can’t pop over to Krispy Kreme any time I want.  Which honestly doesn’t make me that sad, they are nothing to Banning donuts!  However, my wonderful sister Christine bought me a huge bag of flower, so now I can make pretty much what ever I want!

So I Googled homemade donuts and this lovely recipe appeared.  It is from the Pioneer Woman, Christine got me addicted to her.  Anyway, her recipes are user friendly and have step by step instructions with pictures and everything! (Great for non cooker like me!)

I didn’t have anything to cut out the donuts with so we just grabbed blobs and made them into balls and smashed them flat on the pan.  I also don’t have a deep fryer thermometer so I just got the oil hot and adjusted till I got it right. The whole refrigeration over night thing is also unnecessary, my dough turned out perfect with out it. (Even with me forgetting to add the salt like a dork, like I said — no cooking ability!)

But even still … with all of that drama … the donuts were bomb!!!!!!

Ioua wanted me to take a picture of him ‘contributing’.  I put that in quotes because since I work full time he picks up the slack in a lot of areas … so blessed!

This is the dough after we let it rise for an hour.  Not very pretty, but what do I ever cook that does turn out pretty … the important thing is that it tastes pretty!

This is a picture right before I fried the dough.  After that you dip it in the SUPER sugary/fattening glaze above … mmmmm!

 Can’t even describe to you how proud I was in this moment! And I made up my mind that if they tasted bad I was just going to post this picture and lie and say they were bomb!

Here is the ultimate fat kid meal! I’ll admit I was nervous! Nervous that they would be gross, nervous that I wouldn’t have cooked them all the way through, but they were perfect! I had two and I think Ioua had like four.  Mission accomplished!

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