I had a BOMB birthday!!!!
Being married is the bestest … you get spoiled way more!  I got a shopping spree the weekend before my birthday.  Which for some reason I did not get any pictures of … dumb.  Oh well, I found this place in Provo called Trendy X Change.  It is a consignment store, but it isn’t at all ghetto like Plato’s Closet.  I got a wallet, a pair of heels, a shirt and something that I can’t think of right now for 20 dollars! So naturally we then went to SLC for a trip to H&M!!!!
Now time for my rant … as my brothers would be more than happy to tell you I am a little bit odd shaped, especially since I have gained a little weight.  Well, finding pants that fit and don’t make me feel like a lumpy sausage stuffed into a thin casing is a hard task to be sure.  I also operate on a very limited budget.  I had seen online that H&M had pants for 12.95 in about 8 different colors; I doubted very much however that they would fit me. 
Imagine my surprise when I found a pair of beautiful cobalt blue pants that fit me more perfectly then I could ever hope! Certainly better then I had found in a while anyway AND only 12.95!!!  I went and found a person that worked there and begged her to show me more colors.  She then informed me that that was the only color they had in.  I didn’t let that get me down however, it was my birthday and I was determined to have a great day! Me and the hubbs were having a blast!  So I said oh no matter, I’ll just order some online.
She then informed me that H&M’s website doesn’t let you order online ….. FML.
Enough of that though, I got some really great clothes (after dragging the hubbs everywhere! He was such a good sport!)
On my actual birthday I had to work, but on my lunch break I came home to a sweet note! So I made my favorite sandwich and hot chocolate and felt truly blessed!
I had been wanting to go to this pizza place in Orem called Pizzeria 712 for a little while and hubbs surprised me and made reservations!

Our appetizer (for free, that’s important when you are still in college haha) … perfection!
It was soooooo bomb!

He got the sausage one and I got the pizza that had fresh hand pulled mozzarella and basil!
Ioua was kind of acting weird at dinner – checking his watch, eating slowly – so I thought something must be up.  Then he says “Lets go to the mall” … two shopping trips in one week?!  Something was definitely up!  At the mall he wanted to go all over, but I was super tired and wanted to go home. 
When we got to the car he looked at me and said, “Let me drive.”  Uh … no way Jose!!!  I was kinda being a poor sport, but I was not willing to risk it, so he took me the LONGEST way possible up towards my sister Christine’s house.  Then when we got close enough I gave in and let him drive.
Ioua made me put his jacket over my head for the drive and the walk there.  When we got out of the care he led me up and down the street and on to people’s yards, it was awful!
When we got close to the front door I could hear my nephew Lincoln yelling “WE HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU!”  It was so great! My Provo friends were there and it was so fun! (Christine was offended that I didn’t look surprised, but I mean come on, right?) 🙂  So anyway, brace yourselves for the awesomeness that is my sister …
Butter Beer
Lincoln helping me blow out my candles
How bomb right!?!!
It was a great party and a great birthday! I am so grateful to my husband for being … well just wonderful! As well as my sister and my friends!  Couldn’t have asked for a better birthday!
This is me being tired and happy with the hubbs after a perfect day!
The only thing is now I’m old … 23 … bleh!

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