Good Enough

So I was reading this article yesterday from someones Facebook and it got me to thinking.  Is this really the case? Does it not matter what you accomplish in your life if you are not physically attractive?

Have you ever seen Man Without a Face with Mel Gibson?  After a while the little kid looks at him and says, “I can’t even see the scars anymore!”  If someone is important to you and has made an impression in your life then you don’t see the ‘scars’.

What about the people that you don’t know?  Do you see their scars … is that the first only thing you see?  I have seen people treated differently because they weren’t beautiful.  I have heard classmates and colleagues unashamedly put down other people because they were fat … ugly … weird … even if that person could out preform them in their job/school work.  Often times they are better people all the way around.

I am not saying that people with obvious handicaps like being in a wheel chair don’t get any of this.  I am saying that more often then not, it happens to everyday people.  Eating disorders, plastic surgery, addiction (in many forms), it all stems from this belief that no matter what someone accomplishes they are never enough.  The girl in the article was very brave to share her feelings and what she is going through.

With all of the awareness of bullying or ‘be your real self’ we still haven’t come very far have we?  We have a need to be better and do better, that is part of our journey here on earth.  We should be focusing on things in our lives that have substance.  Truly caring for others, taking the time to learn all the good things of the earth that are made so available to us.  Not worrying about who is wearing what, who lives where, why can’t I be like her because she seems really happy.  Bull – ony!

I am totally this person! I focus on these stupid things all the time! Just this week in my birthday post I called myself a stuffed sausage … never again.  In my family growing up it was how we ‘showed our love’, we would make fun of each other.  Well, like it or not it has affected each of us.  Anyone who reads this blog … and I realize that isn’t a lot, I challenge each of you to stop making fun of people, whether it’s to show love or not.  It isn’t okay, it isn’t nice, and it sure as heck isn’t showing love.

When I got married my sister told me that her and her husband made a promise to each other.  They promised that they would NEVER say anything like that to each other, even in joking.  Of course that is how it should be, marriage is the most important bond and you want to protect it.  What about other bonds? What about friendships, families, and loved ones? Aren’t they worth protecting too?  Do you want them to go through life thinking that no matter what they accomplish it will never be good enough?

I don’t. I promise right here right now that I am going to stop.  It might take a while before I can get myself to do it completely … but I am going to work on it like my life depends on it.  No one should ever feel that they are not good enough because of me.

One thought on “Good Enough

  1. Love this! You are so right! My family was the same way and just recently have we all realized that it has truely affected all of us. The cycle needs to end and it starts with us personally. Love you gorgeous girl!

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