End of the Year Resolutions?

End of year resolutions … things we said we would get done but didn’t.  Things we wish we would have thought of before … or new ideas that just popped into our heads.  What ever the reason we all have them, here are a few of mine:

  • Lose 10 pounds (maybe not realistic)
  • Finish the Book of Mormon
  • Paint our ‘TV stand’
  • Put wedding pictures up
  • Create a mood board area for my desk
  • Take the D.I. pile to D.I.
  • Create my Mom and Dad’s Christmas present
  • Find a cheaper place to live
  • Get a better vacuum 

These are just a few (some are kind of silly I know).  But they are important to me so I am gonna do them garsh dang it!

Go forward in life with a 
In your eye and a 
on your face, 
but with great and strong 
in your heart.  
-Gordon B. Hinckley   

I love this quote so much! We should always have great and strong purpose in our hearts! Maybe if I remember this more often I would have my end of the year resolutions done before the end of the year … duh.

What are some of your end of the year resolutions? Let’s ‘get er done’ guys!

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