The Great and the Awful


  • The UPS guy that delivers the packages to my office knows my name! One time I saw him while he was driving and he waved … I’m kind of a big deal …
  • My parents come today!!!!
  • Because my parents are coming I get to go to each of my sisters house the next two nights and not cook dinner.
  • I have stupendous news!!!! But I can’t tell you what it is for another couple of weeks … gotta wait till its official!
  • My sister in law texted me a picture of some of the cutest nieces you ever saw!
  • A woman just called my office asking if she could adopt a turkey …


  • It is now turning in to winter outside … I hate winter!
  • I’m already hungry for lunch and it’s only 9:30 (which means I am about to eat a milky way from the candy bowl). — Just did.
  • Rainy snowy days like today make me want to stay in bed … I was up before the sun.
  • I don’t own a rain jacket so my hair that I curled this morning now looks like a wet dog.
my adorable nieces

you can’t tell from this pic but it really is nasty outside!

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