Our Weekend!

This first bit is not from the weekend, but from the week.  I am super proud of myself and my home made healthy-ness that I just have to share!

Whole grain noodles, grilled chicken breast, parmesan, spinach and olive oil … yes it is like the most simple thing ever … but I made it! And it was great! I am working on my healthy food skills now so that maybe by the time I have kids they will like it.  This was super delicious and super filling!

Friday morning it started to rain snow … there was a slight break around lunch time (when I took this picture) and then it proceeded to snow through the night.  We woke up to broken tree branches and about a foot of snow on our car … did I mention I hate snow.  Like I don’t even like to play in it even for a little bit!

After I got back from lunch I remembered I needed to put my badge on.  (Yes I am covering my face, I looked busted that day and they said, “Oh we need your picture for a badge”)  Anyway, my wonderful hubby put this sweet note on their for me! What a hunk!

Now on to our weekend (which I didn’t get pictures of AGAIN).  I need to work on that, anyway my parents were here!!! Yay yay yay!!!  Friday night we went to Jenny’s and had home made chicken noodle soup! It was bomb. At Jenny’s we just hung out and laughed and had fun.  I helped Jenny install Facebook on her phone (she has trouble with technology). And then we went home.  We had car pooled with Christine, and on the way home I sat in the back with the kids (I always make Ioua do it).  Let me just say that when Lucy and Elijah are tired … they say the FUNNIEST things!

Saturday we met for lunch at the Pizza Pie Cafe where we all ate way to much.  We then went back to Christine’s house and had a little food coma party.  That night Christine made a bomb dinner with Quinoa that tasted like spanish rice, but was obviously way healthier.  Then we had hot chocolate and bread pudding for dessert.

And last but not least, Sunday dinner.  I have been getting my recipes from the Dr. Oz website and this was one I thought was doable.   The thing is, I had bought a bunch of chicken thighs a while back thinking it was better because they are way cheaper.  I didn’t realize though that thighs are really only good boiled or baked.  So then I had to find a recipe that would work with them.  So I found this Chicken Blanquette.

If I had to describe it I would say it was kind of like the filling of a pot pie.  Weird that it didn’t have the bread part, but still good.  Ioua liked it … he had three huge bowls of it!  Oh and of course chocolate milk … can’t have Sunday dinner with out chocolate milk!

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