Thanksgiving Part One: Food Food Food

I have a lot to be grateful for in my life.  I have a wonderful family, great in-laws and a stupendous husband!  (He makes my heart sing) I am sealed to him for time and all eternity, and I am blessed with a great job!

Of course I can go on forever, but since this will be a long post with tons of pictures I’ll spare you.  This year for Thanksgiving we went to California!  In my family we switch off Thanksgiving and Christmas each year.  We had such and amazing time! Ioua’s family is always so wonderful and we always have so much fun!  I love seeing my brothers as well!  And all of our friends!

You can definitely tell from these pictures that it was going to be a great trip!  I like road tripping with Husband, he’s a blast!

The night we got there we headed straight to L.A. for my brothers 30th birthday! (What an old fart!)  We went to a really cool Brazilian place! It was super good and I was way too full after words.  Worth it though!

These are just a few of the sicko chicken hearts that Ioua ordered!  Super nasty … I tried one!  The restaurant was cool.  If you get the buffet then you get your side dishes, and you use your red light green light cards for the meat.  They look like coasters and one side is red the other green.  I pretty much had mine on green the whole time … got to get your money’s worth!  It was so fun to be there with my family!

On Thanksgiving day the girls snuck out and got Thrifty’s ice cream!  Can’t beat it … one time my cousin Krista and her husband David were visiting Banning and I said we need to go get ice cream at this super delicious place!  Little did they know it was inside Rite Aid.  They looked so confused when we pulled up …

When we got back Ioua and I hung out with THIS handsome kid!  Oh … and Pikachu … can’t forget Pikachu!

Before dinner we took picture (and for some reason these were the only two I got) Oh well I’ll do better next time!  The women in Ioua’s family are so beautiful!

Then we did some karaoke … and I photographed some Diva’s.

This is only a picture of about half of the table … there were a lot of people there …and a lot of great food!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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