Thanksgiving Part Two: China Town

Ioua’s parents took us to China Town!  Watching his mother haggle with the sales people was the best.  She is so good at it, in one of the booths she was like I’m back and the guy looked all nervous.  She got us some great deals!
His parents love to have adventures, and they are always a blast!  China Town was no exception!

This is us on the way … before I walked all day and became haggard.  Janweb and Emily were in our car as well as Ioua’s sister Akita.  (Who has the prettiest long hair you’ve ever seen!)  Seriously, it’s like Pocahontas … but better.

We got there around lunch time so our first stop was this Chinese restaurant.  It was really good and the portions were huge!  Some how Ioua and Janweb did not get the memo …

This was my first plate ….

At the end of the day (after hours of shopping and haggling) we were hungry again, so we got these things.  I forgot what they were called, but its really good bread around sweet pork.  They were pretty good, Ioua LOVED them.

On our way home we stopped in Hollywood … Creeper guy looking into my camera …

We saw Tom Cruise …

And that one awkward Mormon play that isn’t really about Mormons (No, we didn’t actually see it we just walked by it) …

We made sure to get presents for our nieces and nephews!  The girls were very excited about their fans.  We ended up getting Mese a gun that shoots lasers.  The one I feel kinda bad about are Shawn and Darcy’s boys … I got them big plastic swords that light up … didn’t think about it ahead of time.  When we gave Orin his he was so exited and looked up at the sky and said, “Wahoo! Let’s test these babies out!!!”  And then he wacked his brothers head. Granted Brody was holding his up, I think Orin just missed.  None the less … sorry Darcy!

The cutest one was Wyatt, I don’t know why I forgot to take pictures.  He got his and got this gleeful/serious look on his face and would run from the front door to the sliding glass door (and then run in to the sliding glass door).  It was the best, he did it over and over again.  I decided it might be a good idea to distract him, so we played catch … that kid has a future in sports … Ballah!

My nieces are sooo beautiful!!!

And that concludes our China Town excursion … tune in next time!

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