Oh Christmas Tree!

I begged Ioua to let me get a Christmas tree this year … I was all sentimental and whiny about how this would be our first Christmas together and we needed a tree gosh dang it!  So he let me.  I was thinking we would just buy a tiny one, you know one that doesn’t go higher than your hip. 

Well when we were at Lowe’s we were looking at the tiny ones and they were just so sad, I couldn’t bring myself to pick one.  The woman doing the trees came over and said that if we wanted a 6-7 footer that was full instead of sparse, it was only 9 more dollars!  Sold! to the woman in work gloves.

Can you tell I’m excited? I even picked out some lights that were on sale.  I made sure I got the ones with the green cord.  (And got them home only to find out they had green bulbs too … yuck!)  So we will be returning those this weekend and getting some ‘pretty’ lights!
This is hubbs trying to put together the tree stand! He actually did it really easy, I was the one who struggled.
About to cut the plastic stuff and see all of it’s glory!

Disclaimer for these next pictures … we are bad neighbors.  In fact we don’t even know anyone in our complex.  So we didn’t have anyone to take our picture in front of the tree.  (And we didn’t want to ask anyone because we aren’t sure if we are aloud to have them anyway)  
So Ioua set up my iphone and we attempted to take pictures of us in front of our very first Christmas tree!  Oh well at least we tried right?

Awkward prom pose my idea.

 P.S. don’t mind our messy house!  I can not wait to decorate! I even bought fabric and will be making a tree skirt this weekend! Hopefully it doesn’t look horrific … My sewing skills aren’t the best.

This is us the next day … I am still SUPER excited … Ioua is sick of taking pictures?

 Like I said … I can’t wait to decorate! I really want to find a gnome …. paint it white with a gold hat … and put a too too on it … kind of like Harry Potter.  Lets not even talk about how much I would LOVE a Harry Potter Christmas tree house.  Stay tuned!

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