Thanksgiving Part Three: The Return Journey

As you can tell from the last two posts we had a TON of fun! And you know … the return trip was great as well.  We were supposed to leave California at about 12:00 pm, but we didn’t leave till about 6:00 pm.  I was over it though and decided not to stress about it and to just have fun!

On our way out of town we stopped at Bakers! I love Bakers, such a bummer they don’t have them in Utah.  Oh well, I got a shake AND a coke.  The coke was to keep me awake while I drove.  What?! I needed it! Just look at my tired face …

P.S. I got that jade ring in China Town! LOVE it!

My milk shake was so good.  I really can’t say enough about Bakers … they’re the BEST! (I just said that in my head in my best Nacho voice)

Oh and I forgot to tell you.  I packed all of these cute outfits for Thanksgiving and I couldn’t wear any of them.  Silly me forgot that Banning never has cold weather (not when you want it anyway) …  82 degrees.  Can’t even handle it.  I looked busted.

When we got to St. George we had another ‘mini’ Thanksgiving dinner.  My mom is the best, she just whipped it up no big deal!

This is my Pops.  That is a classic Pops face … he is from the south … he makes his own jerky … he is a regular John Wayne. 

And then there was that one time I was a jerk and kept taking pictures of everyone eating … yup.

My mom is the prettiest mom you ever did see.  P.S. That is the sweater that we bought earlier that week at Target.  Love it!

And then there is this handsome guy … look at that smile!  What a hunk.  

And that concludes our Thanksgiving programing … Stay tuned for Christmas (and everything in between)!

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