Friday Date: We did NOT see the Hobbit

Friday night date!  I had been bugging Ioua to take me to the River Woods just so we could walk around and look at the lights.  They do a GREAT job of decorating! I am a sucker for Christmas lights!

The day we finally went it was raining … but I didn’t even care.  So I put on my new Cheetah hat and we strolled.  Yes I said strolled.  We walked to the opposite end and when we got there Ioua saw a sign that said free horsey rides.  Just as I about got run over by a couple of Clydesdale pulling a carriage.

Yikes is all I have to say about that.  So we waited  in line and by the time we got up there we had to ride in the carriage with the little baby horses (or regular sized horses).  It was cool though, and my butt only got a little bit soaked on the blanket they had in the back.  

While we were in line I noticed there was an awkward teenage girl singing carols in the gazeebo bless her heart.  And all around her random people had let their children dance on the stage inside …

After that we were freezing and decided to see a movie.  We went and saw Skyfall, which was okay, I liked the ending the most.  And this is where the “We did Not see the Hobbit” comes in.  We got a coke and they only had Hobbit cups.

Please don’t mind my RED eyes

This is Hubby’s Gollum face … isn’t he dreamy?

I’m not even mad.  It’s nice enough to wash and reuse and Hubby says we are never getting rid of it.

All in all I think it was a pretty good night.

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