It’s A Hit!!!

When ever I say the title in my head, it is with the voice of the grandpa in You’ve Got Mail.  You know, the guy that exchanges letters with Kathleen’s enchanting mother.  It’s A Hit!!!! And then he fist pumps the air.

The party really was a hit! The food was SSOOOO good and there was so much of it that they were sending people home with cartons of it.  It was great! (Better to have to much then too little, which I was so afraid of.) 

I can’t believe I didn’t get any pictures of Ioua and I! I am so stupid!  Its okay I did at least get some of the room!

This is a panoramic view of the whole room.  Sleepy Ridge is actually a super pretty place! They had hardwood floors in all of the rooms and giant fire places. 

The chandalier was so beautiful! I had to snap a picture so I could show you guys! And all of the trees in the room were lit up.  It was so perfect!

And last but not least … 100 boxes of some BOMB truffles.  Ioua made the table look pretty, I was so lucky to have him for ‘servitude’.  (That’s what it’s called when it’s your husband and he can’t say no right?)

We had chicken breast (which were huge), tri tip steak, some freaky delicious rolls and salads, vegetables, and scrumptious deserts (chocolate caramel cake and apple raspberry crumble).  I tried EVERYTHING.  Good thing there was only one other couple at the table we were sitting at so not too many people could judge!

We even had the BYU game streaming on one of the flat screens so that the men in the room wouldn’t be too upset that it was the same night as the bowl game … how am I supposed to know stuff like that? I don’t watch BYU.  Sorry I’m not sorry.

It really was a good night and I was pretty proud of myself.  Thank you Heavenly Father for helping me. And thanks to hubby, you are the best!

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