Hostess with the Mostess!

Ioua and I had a super duper cool white elephant party!  I decorated and baked and Ioua cut snow flakes and helped me to hang doilies! It was so much fun!  I like to think I am a cool kid that throws cool parties … but I was scared it would turn out like middle school when no one came to my slumber party but my friend Shaniece.

I had had slumber parties before that were great, but it just so happened that no one could come to mine this time.  When Shaniece showed up I told her she was the only one, and she could go home if she wanted.  But she was such a good friend and stayed anyway and we had so much fun! That’s a true friend right there!

Anyway, so we had a party … and one by one people were telling me they couldn’t come … the day of.  Middle school all over again! It turned out to be fine though and we had a lot of fun.  This was the best gift of the night … super creepy … yet super awesome.

Emily was super excited to wear it

This is what our apartment looked like … one day I will actually remember to take pictures of people.  Oh well it is what it is.

These are the snowflakes Ioua cut out … super impressed.

When I made these cupcakes I accidentally left the first batch in for an extra 15 minutes … so they were tough.  The next batch I cooked perfectly and then I mixed them together … it was kind of luck of the draw.

I don’t care if you do think its funny to put white doilies on a white wall … I was pretty impressed with myself!

Our cute LITTLE living room … soon to be EX-living room.

I got those cool baby lights at the dollar store … I think I am cool. At least somebody does right?

And this picture has no relevance whatsoever except for the fact that Emily Echols brought a huge bag of those pretzels to the party and left us a ton so the next day at work I had a bomb lunch! White chocolate pretzels and Diet Coke deserves a spot on the blog.

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