Christmas at the Patterson’s

Well Christmas has come and gone.  It was amazing of course, but afterwords I wished that Ioua and I had come up with a few traditions of our own that we could have done together.  He said we had our whole lives for that, but I just started thinking of all the cool things we could have done together and it kind of got me down.  Oh well, there’s always next year!

We had Christmas with my family this year and it was soooo fun!  Crazy. No sleep. But fun.  I have 21 nieces and nephews and they were ALL there!  It is pretty fun to watch them as they get older.  Sad when they get really grown up though.  I kept telling the oldest ones all weekend to STOP GROWING YOU ARE ALMOST AS TALL AS ME!!!  Which made them happy of course.

One thing I REALLY REALLY loved was watching Ioua with all of the kids.  He is going to be the best dad someday.  He is so helpful and willing to play and do anything to make them happy! It is really sweet to watch.

The first thing that would happen when each family came was the shoe.  My dad found it at a yard sale, he is the yard sale king. That’s a real title.  It is HUGE and as soon as they would spot it they would climb right in.

gloua blog

It is the funniest thing ever … every single detail on that shoe is just like the real life small regular sized version.

Oh yeah and all of the girls were in a constant state of dress ups.  That Sunday we went to church and Ioua and I went an HOUR early with my parents to save seats.  This old lady came and sat right behind Ioua and I and complained about how she needs a place to sit too.  Even though the rest of the room was empty.  Old people.

gloua blog

Anyway, we took pictures to keep from going crazy while we waited for my siblings … who were ALL late.

This is of Luana and I. I have no idea when I took it, but I love Lulu so I am putting up anyway! That night my mom read stories to the kids.

gloua blog

Our Christmas Eve program is always interesting with all of the kids.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures because we took a lot of video with our flip.  It was great, too many children doing too many things except what they should be doing.

And of course Santa always comes to visit!

gloua blog, Santa
Still in her nativity costume

This is the tree Christmas Eve after the parents Santa wrapped all of their presents.

Ioua and I opened our stockings the night before, mostly because we didn’t have a place to keep them.  Didn’t get a picture of me though because my phone died.

Christmas morning was great as always! I took some panoramas with my phone, but it isn’t cooperating. There were lots of presents, lots of wrapping paper trash and lots of squeals and giggles … mostly from my brothers.  I got a lot of great gifts, who knew my hubby could pick out such great clothes!?  One of my favorite ones was the watch my pops gave me.

gloua blog
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He has always worn this Mickey Mouse watch, and I have wanted one for a really long time to be like him.  We looked on our honey moon when we were at Disney Land but they were so outrageously priced!  So I put that dream on hold for a while.  But my dad found me the cutest vintage wind up Mickey watch.  He took it to a watch store and got it all refurbished and made sure everything was working right.  It is perfection!  I love that you can wind it and hear it click click click away!

One tradition we have in our family is the penny read.  My dad gets these giant penny’s and each kid has to recite something or preform something.  It is a lot of fun.  Ioua and I don’t have any kids yet though so we were forced to preform.  Good thing my husband is the coolest person I know.  He wrapped As Sisters in Zion (In Spanish) while I did a poor excuse for a beat.  Here is our Penny.

gloua blog, penny read

That day we took the kids to the park!  My mom has a park right smack dab in the middle of her neighborhood.  It is literally two blocks away and we all love to go down there when we visit!

I kept my glasses on because I had no make up.  It was a rough morning.  We got no sleep.

Hoku couldn’t find the matches to any of her shoes so my mom said she better figure it out or she was not going.  Problem solved I guess …

This is me in my nieces jacket.  Darcy grew a twin that day, she just split right in half.

And the boys played football.  Well they tried seeing as the football was SUPER flat.  They all tried to use the excuse that you can’t throw a good spiral if its flat.  Maybe that’s true, maybe it isn’t.

One of my FAVORITE parts about Christmas though, are the sugar cookies.

I don’t care what you say … my mom makes the best sugar cookies around.

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