First World Problems

Right now I am sitting on my couch in my new apartment eating chocolate chip peanut butter cookies.  My sister made the dough and then gave it to me because her kids thought it was too sweet and didn’t like it … I know.

My husband is on the computer in his little office and the heater is on battling the 4 degree weather we are having.  We had church at 8 AM this morning and so we are done REALLY early.  I kinda like it.  Today in church was fast and testimony meeting and the theme that kept recurring was 1st world problems.

I am the QUEEN of first world problems.  I am always complaining and comparing.  Things that really should not matter to me.  I cringe thinking of all that I complain about to my Heavenly Father.  I think besides ‘being elegant‘ that will be my other theme for this year.  I will try my hardest to break the habit of talking about my first world problems.

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My church day ended today with the song As I Have Loved You.  A woman in our ward who is severely handicapped helped to lead the song.  She did the sign language and did such a good job.  It was beautiful.  When she got up there to lead the music she kind of covered her mouth and giggled like, “I am so excited to be up here!”  As well as “Am I supposed to be up here? It feels kind of naughty!”  The best most sweetest thing ever.  She also bore her testimony, the only thing I was able to distinguish was “My mom loves me” and “Amen”.  She made my whole first day in this new ward perfect.

First world problems … psh!  Let me just sit here next to my heater with my cheetah blanky and eat my cookie.

2 thoughts on “First World Problems

  1. Yeah. When I got here (sitting in ER with Jane) a real tragedy had just gone down and a woman was sobbing. So I've been feeling nothing but thankful as we sit here. I once se a story about a woman in the Philippines who can't get proper meds for her asthmatic son. I'm lucky to be in this ER, ya know?

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