The Good The Bad and The Ugly #3


  • Tomorrow morning I am leaving for St Geezy!
  • My dad is getting this cool award from the city of St George … he is kind of a big deal
  • I have been reading a bomb book that I will post about when I am done!
  • We finally hired my replacement so I will be moving to the ‘big girl’ desk next week!
  • I made a pie this week!
  • I made like the healthiest meal ever yesterday!
  • Husband.


  • I have been watching WAY too many Kardashian re-runs!
  • Someone was parked in my spot when I got home yesterday … I definitely gave them the evil eye when they came to move their car … it was an ugly green one.
  • It is still butt cold in Provo.  Hate it.


  • I haven’t exercised once this week.
  • On Sunday I didn’t get to take a nap … but that was mostly my own doing.
  • I have been working on not ‘wanting’ so many things … and failing miserably!

In other news, my sister is just about the funniest person you will ever meet.  Sometimes. Bahaha.  So if you follow my Instagram @glennabenna then you probably already know some of this story … well here is the rest of it!

At my desk at work you can’t really see over the top of the very large iMac.  Well at least I can’t.  So I am sitting there just working away when I hear the door open.  I look up and no one is there … strange.  There are some kids that come in after school and ride home with their parents, so I thought it might be one of them.  I look around the side of the computer and still don’t see anyone.  Then I see this blonde head and I think to myself, “That is a grown up person head, is that a midget?”  Then this hand reaches up and puts a Cocoa Bean cupcake on the counter.

At this point I am totally confused and I say, “Hello?”  Then my sister pops up and starts laughing at me.  And then runs away with out saying anything.  Rude.  But sweet.  It made my whole day!

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