Style Monday and a Little Green Notebook

Today’s Style post comes to you from  I like looking at their magazines as well as their website for style and beauty tips.  Here are some of the favorites from today!

Nerd Glasses

I like Jennifer Anniston’s look the best … don’t I always.  She is so beautiful! Anyway, I haven’t been successful in convincing myself that they would look good on me.  Who knows, maybe my next glasses will look like hers!

What Every Woman Needs

I have looked for a new black blazer that could double as work appropriate and a chic street style … maybe one day I’ll splurge at Banana, until then I will keep looking at Forever21 I guess!  And don’t even get me started on the trench coat! Love.

Figure Flattering On Anyone

I am really going to work on building my own style into something more appropriate for where I am in life.  I can’t pull off a lot of what I used to and it is just time for me to grow up.  Maybe soon I will be able to post about my own wardrobe!

While I was in St George I went to Target with my mom and sisters.  I found this and it was just screaming my name!  Beautiful, functional, and just the right amount of inspiration!  Happy Monday everyone!

2 thoughts on “Style Monday and a Little Green Notebook

  1. Glad to see that “nerd” glasses are cool again. Bet has been wearing them forever (I kept telling them they would make a come back – although I never thought they went out of style). As for me, I recently had to get reading glasses and I look like such a nerd…love it!

    p.s. If you like “nerd glasses” check out Warby Parker…they are some of my favorite frames!

  2. oh…and p.s. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my blazer from the Lauren Conrad line at kohl’s. I have a Banana and Gap one but the LC one is my favorite! I think it’s on sale at the moment…

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