The Things I LOVE

Man oh man … do you know that feeling?  That feeling when you have just been so busy that you haven’t made time to do or experience what you really love?  I had a chance to design for one of my very best friends Kelli over the weekend and I can’t even describe the happiness it gave me.


I realize that it is super simple and easy peasy … Does that make it even more sad that it was so exciting for me?  Or does it make it better?  Does anyone else ever feel like that?  Whether you like to cook, dance, sing, or write.  Heck! It could be anything!  As long as it makes you truly happy.

I am glad Kelli gave me an excuse to stop being lazy, even if it was a simple thing.  Hopefully it will inspire me to do Much much more.  And even better to put it on the blog … eek!

3 thoughts on “The Things I LOVE

  1. I totally understand. And no, simple doesn’t mean worthless, in fact, simplicity in life tends to bring joy. So feel free to enjoy a simple, loving, worthwhile project!

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