Style Monday and A Few Randoms

So I have always really liked the color yellow, but just not on me.  I always felt like it made my skin look like it had a weird tint to it.  I have a couple of yellow shirts that I NEVER wear.  But I kind of like the look of these yellow skirts … Who knows, maybe this spring/summer I will throw caution to the wind and just do it!

I absolutely love these to long skirts! Especially the softer yellow.  (And especially since then you could get away with not shaving your legs for one more day … if you had to).  Mostly though long skirts make me feel like a princess!

I LOVE this combo and I think that the yellow is the perfect shade, but the skirt is a little too short for me.  Knee length and I’d be in heaven!

This is definitely a more modest look then the photo above … I still like the other one better though! What do you guys think? Yellow?  Or NO??

Last week was Ca-Ra-Zy!!! But I promise I will start writing a whole lot more!  Okay the Super Bowl yesterday?!! Beyonce was the Shizznit!  And when Destiny’s child came out I was like YES!!!!!!!

Warning: Don’t read the next paragraph if you haven’t seen Warm Bodies and don’t want anything ruined.  Although I think it is pretty obvious what happens … you are warned.

We went on a double date Friday to see Warm Bodies … it was okay.  I thought the ending was the best part … except when they kissed.  I was sure he still had zombie breath! Everyone in the theater was like AWW! And I said — EW GROSS!!!  Hubby was embarrassed.

I have a perfect view of the mountains from my window at work … LOVE.

Hubby is the best … I really think so.

One thought on “Style Monday and A Few Randoms

  1. Love the mustard yellow and I think you could work yellow. If your worried about skin color just don’t have it right by your face.

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