Friday Date Night!

So this date technically happened yesterday … but if I post about it today it can count as today right?

I finally got Ioua to go on a walk with me!!! The second I walked in the door after work I said, “Hubby get your shoes on lets go.”  So off we went! I even brought snacks … licorice that froze to rock solid in about a minute in a half!  Awful.  We ended up throwing them away in our neighbor’s trash can.

photo (5)

photo (6)


As you can tell, we make REALLY attractive faces when we eat licorice.  There are a lot of really beautiful old homes where we live and I am always saying, “Oh that’s cute! I would live there!”  We were walking past this house (which on the other side has THE most beautiful windows.  When we got a round a little bit and I could barely see the big driveway I said, “Is this a bed and breakfast?”  And hubby said, “No, this is a mortuary.”  Awkward.

photo (4)

As we made our way “downtown” we saw a man walking on the roof of one of the taller buildings in the area.  Ioua and I both looked at each other and started singing, “I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend …”  And then I proceeded to sing that really loud for most of our walk.

We decided to walk down Center St. and discovered that it looks a lot like China Town.  There were about 12 Asian restaurants and 3 random nick nack/fabric stores. Then we saw a bunch of birds on a roof …

photo (3)

When we got back it was almost dark and I was freezing! In fact the rest of the night I stayed in my hoodie under a blanket … when I wasn’t standing in front of the heater.  All in all I think it was a great success!  I love walks with hubby! They make me feel accomplished … weird?  Like, YAY we didn’t just watch another movie from the library today! (Although we did do that when we got back)

photo (2)

Take that cold weather!  I’m not even mad …

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