The Past Few Days

The past few days have been wonderful!  Hubby and I watched Harry Potter 6.  Which caused me to do this when he was pumping our gas … because that part of the movie is sooo hilarious to me!

We also made pizza! Which was so delicious! I took a bite and said, “Man … why am I such a good pizza maker?”  Jk … but seriously.

photo (2)

photo (4)

I used my mother’s bread dough recipe … so the bread rose in the oven and became pretty thick.  I just feel dumb buying pre-made dough.  And this is the recipe I had! Anyway, I kind of like my dough thick … not really a crispy sort a gal.

I also got Ioua to let me watch Pride and Prejudice … the 5 hour version … it was heaven!

photo (3)

Please excuse the poor photo quality.  I really have such a wonderful life … couldn’t get better than this!

This might sound super silly, but I am starting to REALLY like to save money.  Husband is going to roll his eyes when he reads this (just two nights ago I was looking at Forever21 online).  But I didn’t buy anything!  We are just getting to the point in life (at least for now) where we are building up a decent savings.  It feels so great!  It actually makes me want to just save more and more and more.  Kind of like when you work out.  Once you get past the horrible – being sore everyday phase – it’s kinda wonderful!

I have seen other bloggers do this and I think I am going to try it.  Shopping fast!  For 30 days starting today I will not buy myself any clothing!  It will be good to do this anyway because hubby and I are really working on loosing weight.  (Oh don’t mind my 5000 calorie pizza up there lol) This way when I actually do buy new clothes A. I’ll have more money for it and B. I will look good in the clothes I buy.  Who knows, maybe I’ll make it to 60 days!

I am also wanting to do this so that I am not constantly rating myself by what I am wearing and the way that I look.  I love fashion and I will always think dressing well is important.  I just don’t want to feel like I NEED to buy clothing every month to feel good about myself.  And I just want to see more money left in my account at the end of the month …

Has anyone else done a clothing fast?  Or any other ‘no spending money on this thing’ fast?  How do you keep from going nuts?

2 thoughts on “The Past Few Days

  1. Rewards. Particularly for other people. We had a no going to movies or fast food for December (except ‘special occasions’ i.e. Brad’s birthday we went to Hobbit but that was the *only* time we went out on a spend money kinda date) and gifted what we would normally budget for that to some close friends/family that we knew were not able to do those things for financial reasons so they could have a fun date night too. I’m such a baby when it comes to myself. I say no _____ then I can have _____. But I end up telling myself I would rather have the first ______. When it’s so that I can give someone else something then I’m not as tempted to revert because I feel like they deserve it more than I deserve what I’m giving up. I am currently on no ice cream when I do grocery shopping to get Brad a Blu-ray player, this one I’m not so sure will work, but I do like getting the hubbs gifts so…. Wish me luck! This could be a long 10 months…..

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