I Am A Big Baby

Yesterday was rough.  It was one of those days that makes you want to punch something.I could NOT control my crazy.  Hubby and I decided that starting yesterday we were going to give up sugar.  We only planned to do it for 2 weeks and then see if we could make it longer.  Then I got the brilliant idea of making a six week plan.  It starts this next Monday, but we were still going to start the no sugar thing.

Like I said … BIG baby.  I don’t know how hubby puts up with me!  There were even tears at one point people.  I ended up begging him to at least make me a hot chocolate to which I added spray whipped cream … twice

It is my drug.  I need an intervention.  So I am giving myself one now.  I am going to stick to this – and my six week plan!  Heck I even made a fancy spread sheet with formulas and everything to be able to do this and do it right.

Hubby and I went running yesterday.  We want to do a 5k, I ran an 11.33 minute mile.  Yikes!  That is far from the days of high school.  I WILL get better though!  I WILL defeat my sugar dependency!  I WILL be strong!  And I WILL be happy.


This is me being happy with no sugar …

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