Style Monday: My Banana Wish List

Okay so I LOVE Banana.  If I was loaded I would wear Banana all the time!  Here are some of my favorites currently online!

Capture Capture 5 Capture 4 Capture 3 Capture 2

Beautiful right? I know its torture!  Well I was thinking about it and last night during the Oscars JCPenny was having some REALLY GREAT adverts.  I was super impressed!  You go JCPenny.  Anyway, I decided to look and see if I couldn’t find some things that I liked at their site.  Oh boy did I ever!

Capture 6 Capture 7 Capture 8 Capture 9 Capture 10 Capture 11 Capture 12 Capture 13

All of the clothes I found in the Joe Fresh collection.  There were a lot of other collections though had had some very fabulous clothing!  And THESE are about 1/4 of what it would cost to wear Banana Republic.  So girls, if you’re like me and can’t afford Banana, I recommend checking out JCPenny!

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