The Good The Bad and The Ugly


  • I worked out and was healthy this week … and I am REALLY sore to prove it!
  • Lots of people I love had birthdays! It was fun watching them celebrate
  • It has been super sunny this week … it has snowed only a couple times and it doesn’t last … it just melts!
  • I moved my computer at my desk … it is no longer in the crack and I no longer have to lean uncomfortably for 8 hours!
  • I am wearing BLUE eyeshadow today!
  • I am super happy today! And tomorrow I have a short day at work! — Well I start earlier … so I get out earlier
  • I have done really well on my clothing fast … unless you count my stretchy pants … which I don’t.
  • I took this really silly picture in the car while waiting for my hubby … can anyone guess what it is?



  • Hubby was a little stressed this week with mid-terms … he got A’s though so that counts as good
  • I was not able to do the sugar fast … it just isn’t realistic for me … but I have been eating healthy things and exercising and I am okay with the compromise
  • It is still BUTT cold here even though it is sunny


  • Hmmmm … I keep getting spider bites … we live in an old apartment … it sucks.

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