What Is Truth?

The more I am in the world the more I see the lack of truth.  I have actually been really troubled by it lately.  One thing in particular is how a person can know something to be true, and then completely disregard that truth because it isn’t popular — or it is too hard.

How can you literally go against your nature?

So now i will start Friday truths …  Just somethings each week that I have learned to be true.  Things that are important to me … things that are silly.  So I guess I better start today.


  • Road rage is not a good trap to fall in to.  This one might seem silly, but it is so true! I find myself getting road rage all the time and it totally decides my mood for the rest of the day.  Sometimes it even takes me a while before I can calm down … It is also not attractive — or elegant.
  • I will always look better with some form of bangs.  I have my brother’s hair line accompanied by a large forehead and it ain’t pretty.
  • Being close with your family is so important.  I love everyone in my family and I am so grateful I can be with them forever.
  • Having a close relationship with God and involving him in every aspect of your marriage is so important.  It should be like a triangle — with God at the top.
  • I need to make time to do things I love.  Instead of vegging when I come home because I am tired after working all day.  Maybe I’ll have more energy and be happier if I do the things I love?

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