The Good The Bad and The Ugly


  • It has been so sunny all week!
  • I am wearing a dress and sandal wedges right now!
  • I have tomorrow off
  • Hubby and I (and a few of my older nieces) are going to a REAL Salt Lake game this Saturday
  • We bought a cheese cake yesterday and I only ate 1 piece! – Will power people!
  • We got to hang out with some people last night … more on that later.
  • I have worked out a ton this week and have done yoga almost everyday!


  • I have to clean the bathroom today
  • Hulu keeps not putting up new episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills … fail.
  • I had horrible nightmares all last night!


  • I woke up last night with the worst charlie horse imaginable … I kept hitting Hubbs and squeezing his arm till he woke up and helped me.  I have never even had a charlie horse before … it was traumatizing.

So more on the hanging out with people.  We made new friends! Well kinda new, they are in the nursery with us so we already knew them.  We just never talked outside of nursery.  Well, they were locked out and we had just bought a whole cheese cake so we invited them over to sit on our couch and eat some until our land lord came home.

We had cheese cake and talked and laughed … and watched a  few episodes of Duck Dynasty.  (My favorite show!)  We checked outside multiple times to see if he came back yet … and he never did.  Eventually we learned that he was out of town, poor things!  They went to his parents house to sleep and then we went to bed.  Random circumstances, but it was good!  We even decided we should do yoga together!  Well not with our husbands … Ioua refuses.

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