What Do You Do?

So what do you do when you have waited for more than an hour in line … REALLY early in the morning and REAL Salt Lake won’t give you the tickets that you already paid for?  You go to IKEA for meat balls … gravy makes everything better.

Glenna IKEA


So here’s the situation.  We bought the Pass of All Passes over Christmas break.  You get in to a ton of things for free.  One of which being REAL Salt Lake games.  Both of us LOVE soccer so it was going to be great!  We got up early, drove to SLC and waited in the longest ticket line ever.

We bought our tickets online so they weren’t in a fancy card with our pictures on them.  Knowing this we brought the receipt (which had our name)– and our regular ID’s to be able to prove they were ours.  The guy at the ticket office refused to give us our ticket.  Me being me got mad and said well can’t you make an exception?  There was nothing on the website and there are no signs! We have been waiting forever and we can prove they are ours … nope.  So we left and on the drive back home we decided to stop at IKEA for breakfast … this girl needed some gravy.

Its okay.  Hubby and I always have fun together.  So we made the best of it anyway.

5 thoughts on “What Do You Do?

  1. ya, been there you have to go to a Trafalga or seven peaks first to get the cards then a lot of games you have to use your card number to reserve tickets, there is a lot they don’t tell you. I now call anywhere I plan to use that ahead of time…

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