I Am the WORST Jelly Bean Picker!

Each day I try and make it through the day with out eating all the snacks we have at our office.  I try an limit it to a small hand full from the pretzel/candy bowl.  (Note that this is the M&M/Skittles/Jelly Bean bowl — not the candy bar bowl.)


By the time I took this picture I had already eaten about 5 of the Jelly Beans I had chosen … each one nasty! Even though I so carefully selected each one based on color … any previous knowledge I thought I had since the last time I ate a Jelly Bean … and what I guessed at.  Out of all of them I only liked those two blue ones … and the red skittles.  Anyone who doesn’t like red skittles … as my dad would say … is a communist.

P.S. I would LOVE to be wearing this right now with this

P.P.S.  Scrumptious

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