Easter Weekend: Both Amazing and Devastating

Who am I kidding my weekend was perfect! Ioua and I had so much fun!  Friday night we went to the store and got an Easter bunny for each of us and a love fern … I have been dying to have a plant in the house.  I was so excited, but Sunday morning when I went to take a big bite out of my bunny I realized it was dark chocolate … devastating!   It’s okay though, I substituted by eating chocolate chips … don’t judge.


Saturday was so great!  We finally got to go to a REAL Salt Lake game!  We waited in line for forever – this time we had proper documentation – and got tickets!  We were pretty far toward the back so we were worried they would run out and they did.  But when we finally got up there she saw we only needed two tickets and found us seats!

We were in the second row with a perfect view of the goal.  Both goals scored by REAL were at that goal and we could see it perfectly!  Here is us once we finally got the tickets.

photo (11) photo (12)

Yep, we are pretty cool.  The game wasn’t for another 6 hours so we went home and showered and messed around.  We weren’t sure how early we should get there to park so we ended up getting to the game an hour early.  It was fun though, there was like no one there so we took a lot of pictures!

photo (6) photo (7) photo (8) photo (9) photo (10)

We got some churros …

photo (4) photo (5)

And for dinner we shared a plate of nachos … SSOOO delicious!  The game was so much fun! Not only did we win, but they do a lot for the fans to make it the best experience possible … my only regret of the night – not knowing the fight song ahead of time to sing when we would score!  They throw streamers the whole game and had balloons and a band – it was seriously the best! If you are in the area I definitely recommend it!

photo (2)

Oh and I took this picture of the Seattle Sounders … SSHHH don’t tell Ioua!

photo (3)

So here we are happily spending our days in Utah … oh and I’m pregnant.

… April fools …  Happy April everyone! May it be warm and beautiful wherever you are!

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