Simplicity: A Necessity For Sanity

Why is simplicity so hard to achieve?  I think it might have something to do with over scheduling ourselves.  Sometimes I feel like I need to just look at my schedule and cut half of it out, and I know I am not nearly as busy as all of you moms out there.

I guess the next question should be what does it take to achieve it?  I have seen a lot of blog posts about putting your phone down and ‘unplugging’ on certain days or after a certain hour.  That is probably a good start.  I recently started yoga and I was surprised how much I love it and how relaxed and ‘simple’ your life can feel afterwords.

I tried to think what my ideal would be, as far as having a simple life.  But I’m stumped.  At first I thought it might be great to have a house that never got dirty, but I like the feeling of having done the work.  Then I thought – what if dinner was always done?  That would certainly give me more time, but then I wouldn’t have the joy of figuring that whole thing out.

What the heck is it?  I am not saying I want to go back to having a horse and buggy … I like having things like contact lenses too much.  But I mean just picking a mascara brand is hard enough! And there are just as many blog posts about which one is best.

In today’s world filled with technology non-stop all the time go – go – go it is hard to catch your breath.  It is probably impossible to cut EVERYTHING out, but I think it would be good to make SOME changes.  For one you would be able to really be with your family more, but what about feeling the spirit?  What about making yourself available for Heavenly Father?

Maybe I’ll give meditating a try.  I cant do that foldy thing with my legs, so maybe I’ll just do it after yoga, or scripture time or something. I need to try leaving my phone in the other room as well.  Just get rid of it – don’t think about it!

It is probably also the type of media you let in your house.  Life will be a lot more simple and peaceful with the Holy Ghost there.  So we need to be mindful and not watch – listen to – or read offensive things.  That probably means I should stop watching Real Housewives …

What do you do to keep your life simple?  What has worked the best?  I would love to hear!

2 thoughts on “Simplicity: A Necessity For Sanity

  1. Relocating to the other side of the world has done the trick for me. You really do examine every single item you own. Living with less stuff, I seem to have more time to do the things I really want to do. Odd, but owning less made me feel calmer and more centred.

    • There is definitely truth to that! I haven’t moved to a different country, but I do live in a TINY apartment and I have noticed a difference in the way life feels when you don’t have a ton of extra ‘stuff’. Thanks for reading!

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