Dove Real Beauty: What does it all mean?

I was reading this blog today and was really inspired by this girls post.  I felt like everything she had to say is what I feel.  And I wanted to take it a step further … I want to complete her challenge of saying what I like about myself and not apologizing for it … but I also want to do the same for some women in my life that mean a lot to me.

Disclaimer … in order to keep this post from

being even longer I had to cut the list down.  There are A LOT of girls

I would like to add to this list. So who knows … maybe I’ll make this a series on the blog …

IMG_0638My name is Glenna Lagazo, I am 23 years old.  What I love about myself is my ability to see the good in people, my laughter, my thoughtful and creative nature.  I love my eyes, they change color from green to blue and I have a freckle in one of them.  I love my hair.  It grows fast, is easy to manage, it’s super thick, and it’s red!  I love my smile, and the way it can brighten my day. I love my freckles, as my sister Christine used to say “They are kisses from God.”  I also have great skin which I am SUPER thankful for.  Most of all I like my ‘Judy‘ hands.

So as I said I want to show case some amazing girls.  Not because they need me to in order to feel beautiful – only because I believe people deserve to hear that they are beautiful.  So here goes.

133980_1361382334079_1322289_oThis is my sister Jenny and her family.  This picture is pretty old, but I couldn’t find a recent one on her FB page!  Jenny is GORGEOUS.  My friends always tell me how pretty she is.  She has beautiful eyes and a great face shape.  The first thing you see when you look at her is just brightness and happiness.  (Couldn’t think of a better way to describe this).  The second thing you notice is her hair.  Jenny has thick, wavy, LONG, red/auburn hair.  It’s like a mermaid.  She is definitely a 10!


This is Christine.  When I was little I would dream of having long blonde hair like hers.  She was always so cool! (And still is.)  She also has great cheek bones.  This is her this week on her birthday eating her favorite cereal.  One time she was on TV with her husband and I just happened to catch it with my roommates and they all oood and awed for how pretty she is … which is true.  Besides her beauty – since I know she won’t be happy with just that – she is a WONDERFUL mother.  Her kids are so full of life and very intelligent.  Most importantly they have a strong testimony of the gospel – even at such a young age!


This is my sister in law Melina.  Ever since I was a little girl and her family would hang out with my family I thought she was one of the most beautiful people I had ever seen.  No exaggeration.  Melina has really captivating dark eyes that are so full of life.  You can’t not smile when you see them.  She has long thick dark hair and beautiful skin!  One thing I have always found so beautiful were her hands.  I realize that is kind of an awkward complement … I am the queen of those just ask my roommates …  really though.  Her fingernails naturally grow super long and thick as if she had a constant manicure and her fingers are long and beautiful.  And when she uses them when she dances … I’m telling you – mesmerizing.


This is my sis in law Darcy.  Can you say perfect hair?  When I was a teenager and she married my brother I did everything I could to get her hair … I even permed mine … yeah.  She has beautiful skin that tans perfectly after one day in the sun.  She has a great smile that will light up a room.  Oh and did I mention she is strong?  Yup, that is definitely a trait I envy.  I can’t even do one push up!  Darcy is also the girl that can get away with no make up and look beautiful.  And then when she shows up all glamoured out you kinda go … whelp, there goes that … I might as well go home lol.


Ashley, my sister in law.  She is what you call perfectus bonestructurous.  Really though.  She also has such BEAUTIFUL big brown eyes!  Her son Emett was lucky enough to get them and lets just say he will be beating the girls off when he grows up.  Ashley also always has beautiful long brown hair.  Until recently when she cut it all off for locks of love when my mom was going through treatment.  Thats another thing about Ashley.  Her beautiful soul.


Don’t even be mad at this picture Chelsa!  It is definitely my favorite picture that you have EVER taken!  So deal with it! lol


Chelsa is a classic beauty.  Large green/brown eyes – that I think have some gold?  Creepy that I noticed? Or is it just cause we are best friends? lol  She has super thick long blonde hair.  And this will sound weird, but I have always been envious of her forehead … awkward I know.  But I have an old man hair line accompanied by a huge forehead so you can’t blame me!  Also Chelsa has a beautiful smile.  She is kinda shy about it, but really.  True beauty.


Bestie since the uterus right here!  She came up with that at YSA volleyball once and it kinda stuck … ?  Lindsay is so pretty it hurts to look at sometimes!  Dark, dark hair, dark eyebrows and eyelashes, porcelain skin, and rosy lips … like really.  Also, its a fact that she has the cutest button nose you ever did see.  Oh and her … curves … I’ve always been jealous! bahaha


The hottie on the left is my friend Kelli (I don’t know who that random girl is … ).  We were roomies and she was always the cool one.  I’ve always thought she looked like Sleeping Beauty.  You can decide that for yourself.  Kelli has beautiful eyes with the longest eyelashes you have ever seen – naturally.  She has thick beautiful blonde hair and (sorry for the awkward complement) a rocking bod.  She is so fun and is definitely the kind of person you want to invite to a party – and then end up watching a movie and eating some form of snack instead because we are old now and don’t party …


Melissa likes to joke that she is fun sized … but I think she is perfect sized.  I mean look at her!  She totally looks like a model.  She has beautiful eyes, wavy hair (that waves correctly unlike mine that will never make up it’s mind), and super hot legs!  She is also one of the most loyal friends anyone could ever have.  Mel Bel, you are a hottie!


Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay.  You hot momma you!  I have always admired your beauty.  It’s the eyes, and the smile, and the hair.  You always dazzled us when we were roommates!  You know how to dress your body and I admire that. (Especially since I have yet to figure that out) Oh and not to mention you made that dress … because you sing opera … and have the voice of an angel.  Yup.  Oh and your badonk.  I know you will probably be mad at me for saying it, but someone had to.  For all of us white girls that got ‘blessed’ with no behind I have to say … dang girl … you lookin good in them jeans!


Emily.  I feel like I shouldn’t even have to write anything to go with this picture.  You are workin them stripes girl!  Your eyes and smile light up a room and your personality brings everyone together.  You are the definition of a good friend.  When we were roommates and I would tell you you looked hot it was because it was true … and still is today.  Own New York girl OWN it!


Kim … you have really nice shaped lips …

Okay I was so tempted to just leave it at that, but I’ll go on haha.  Not that you don’t already know this, but you are the life of the party girl!  I am so glad I was your roommate in good ol Chapman Hall freshman year and then in Birch.  It was the bomb and I was able to see that not only are you drop dead gorgeous but you are the sweetest person on the planet.  You also helped in teaching me to make the Lord even more important in my life.  I was always so impressed with you.  Now you have a cool husband and you live in that one place.  To me you will always be Kim … the girl with the nice shaped lips who helped me to get a little bit classy.


So what does it all mean?  I think it means that as daughters of God we should take every opportunity we can to uplift and strengthen each other.  God made us with tender hearts so that we could recognize and help those around us.

The perfect example of that in my life was my mother.  Dixie is the strongest person I know.  She is intelligent and has such strong faith in the Lord.  She is BEAUTIFUL.  My sisters and I get our good looks from her (okay and my handsome dad).  Her eyes are such a pretty shade of blue that sometimes they look exactly like the sky.  Not the mucky sky you see in California, the piercing blue you see in St. George.  Her smile can calm you down no matter what is happening and her hugs can cure anything.  She is loved by everyone she meets.  Why?  Because she uses the tender heart that God gave her to always bless the lives of others.

That is what it is all about.  If we do this, every other thing we desire for ourselves will come.  No – I will never have Lindsay’s curves, or Kelli’s hair, but I will be able to accept myself as a daughter of God.  And love my beauty for what it is.  I won’t be beautiful like you, I will be beautiful like me.  With my testimony, the love I share with others, and yes, my appearance. I realize this is really late as I write this, so it might not make any sense.

Just know that God loves you and everything will be great.

And you are great.

8 thoughts on “Dove Real Beauty: What does it all mean?

  1. Glenna. YOU are great. We love you too. And think the world of you. I need to write a whole post on what is beautiful about you, but since I have some needy children tugging at me, reader’s digest version for now… You have gorgeous red hair. I have ALWAYS loved your hair, even since you were a little one when we first met 😉 And for the record, I think it waves PERFECTly! I love how you are always smiling, and smiling a BEAutiful one at that! You have an awesome set of teeth to show off when you do. I cannot even think of a time when I saw you unhappy. I think you got that amazing trait from your momma that you just raved about, and what a blessing to have it. You light up a room with your positivity. And did I mention that you are a style fashionista? Love everything I have seen you adventure to pair together. You have that knack! And one more thing, even though there are many more. You are a pure talent with words

    Oh and by the way, you and that hubs of yours will make some real beauties yourselves when that day comes 😉 Just sayin. Muah!

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