Asthma Story Time

I had the opportunity to design something else!  My sister gave an asthma story time at her daughter’s school.  Lucy has severe asthma and Christine wanted it to be a good learning experience for the students about asthma as well as give Lucy  a chance to kind of own it.  (I think anyway – I guess I should ask her lol).

So here it is!

Asthma Poster Mark

Originally it had a bulletin board background … but when printed as a poster it was too hard to read.  What do balloons have to do with asthma?  Good question.  I added as many fun colors as I could and did the balloons just to make it happy!  They showed an episode of Franklin at the story time and only after they were printed I thought to myself … Gee I should have franklin holding the balloons … oh well.  The story time was a success! Due .1% to my poster and 99.9% to the fact that Christine is amazing!

It was a lot of fun!  I am going to start doing projects just for the heck of it pretty soon.  I really want to start doing scan-o-grams again.  We’ll see!

I also sent this little number to Ioua in the mail

Grand Can 2The photo is not mine (sorry who’s ever this is) but I wasn’t planning on anyone ever seeing it besides Ioua.  I surprised him with a ‘planned’ trip to the grand canyon for when he graduates from BYU.

I had it sent from the Walgreens photo center to our address which was really convenient – except for you don’t get to see it until it is already here.  It showed up with half of the words cropped off because I didn’t pay attention.  I cried – Ioua told me it was still pretty – and then I decided he was the best even more.

Some times I wonder …

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