Friday Truths

Truth #1 I have been majorly slacking. Sometimes you just have things going on in life that take everything you’ve got.  The stress levels reach an all time high and you feel like there isn’t a whole lot you can do except grab on tight and try and hold on and last the week – or two – until you can finally let go and breathe again.

Sounds dramatic right?  Well I guess I just am a little dramatic.  Can’t help it – oh well.

On a brighter note … I get to have a relaxing weekend! I have already cleaned my room and scrubbed the bathroom, so now I get to do what I want.  The important part of that being that I won’t feel guilty.  Every weekend, whether I have cleaning to do or not, I usually end up doing what ever I want.  I’m funny that way.  Anyone with me?!! Weekends are not meant for yuck!  At least for now anyway.

Now on to some more truths:

  • GAP has awesome jeans – they make me feel skinnier.
  • My mom knows just how to comfort me when I need it.
  • My husband is a great cook.
  • Trying to be a grown up is hard sometimes, I have learned that there is no way to do it with out including the Lord in ever aspect of your life.  He trusts us to make decisions, we have to trust him that as long as we do all we can, he won’t let us fall.
  • I will forever be a little kid that likes fruit roll ups and gummy snacks.  Also, hot Cheetos.
  • Pitch Perfect and The Avengers will probably never get old for me – I could Red Box them a million times and be so happy.
  • The new picture of my husband and I that I placed on my desk at work makes me smile every time I look at it.  It’s a great stress reliever.  He is HOT.

Speaking of my husband …

photoYes, that is the deadliest looking jungle gym at the deadliest looking park you ever saw.  Ioua wouldn’t rest until he climbed it.  What a hunk.

photo (2)King of the mountain right there.  His face is priceless.  This is now the lock screen on my phone because I love it so much.  Yup, that’s my man.

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