Husband’s Family Came To Town

My in laws came to town a couple of weeks ago and we had so much fun!  Ioua was so excited.  Poor guy doesn’t get to see them that often because they live so far away.  That just makes it even more special when we do get to see them!  They were up here celebrating my sister in law Emily graduating college.  We are all so proud of her! College is hard work!

We tried to pack as much as we could into a short weekend, but had to kind of limit what we did because we were so short on time.  We did have a chance to go to Temple Square, the mall, AND I learned a few tricks in the kitchen curtesy of my mother in law!  Prepare for a photo bomb …

IMG_2207A super awkward angle of the beautiful Salt Lake City temple!  I am seriously blown away every time I see it!  It was so fun to go with Ioua’s family.  We went through the visitors center and looked at all the grounds.  The spirit there is so wonderful!

IMG_2220Ioua and his handsome little brother!  These guys crack me up!

IMG_2241Some BOMB food I learned how to make … well I really just stood there and furiously took notes as they shouted directions.  Hopefully when I try on my own I’ll be able to pull it off.

IMG_2201On our way to graduation we walked past the science building and Ioua saw this and couldn’t leave with out a picture … nerd. Love. Him.

IMG_2202This was the building Emily’s graduation was in.  So pretty!  They have art displayed all over – just like the Spori building at BYU-Idaho – wish I could have walked everywhere to look at everything!  And the auditorium/theatre they had the actual graduation in was so amazing!

It was a great weekend!  Ioua’s family is always so much fun – love them!

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