I am named after my grandmother.  She is probably the most special lady anyone could ever meet.  She is beautiful, kind, and very intelligent.  Her and my grandfather were married right after WWII when he came in to the beauty school and she gave him a perm!

My grandpa died right before my eleventh birthday, so my grandma has been alone for a while.  She never ceases to amaze me with her strength and grace.  My grandma is also the most faithful woman I have ever met. She is one of those people who says their personal-nightly prayers out loud.  I always feel very privileged when I am staying over and get to hear one.

She prays for guidance and blessings, but she also prays for each of her grandchildren – which is a lot of people. There is not a sweeter sound in the world then to hear someone who loves you with their whole heart intreat the Lord on your behalf. I hope one day I can say that I have been as faithful and strong as her …. but I have a feeling I won’t even come close.  Here’s to you grandma – and all of the strength and wisdom you try and teach to your knuckle-headed grandchildren.


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