Diaries of a Diet.

Well to update you on the six week plan Ioua and I were supposed to do … nope.  Neither of us had enough motivation.  I was talking to my sister about it and wanting to lose weight and we decided to come up with a plan of our own.  Some of my sister in laws are doing it with us too.  At the end of it if you reach your goal you get a big prize.  We are each supposed to think of what we want – something that really motivates us.

We started Memorial Day so it has been going for a week already.  I am so impressed with myself because I ate SOOO healthy all week.  Not one thing touched my lips that wasn’t healthy.

Well Saturday is my free day.  I wanted to go all out for rewarding myself for eating so healthy.  So in the morning we had home made pancakes with buttermilk syrup.  For lunch we had JDawgs with a small amount of frozen yogurt after.  For snack I ate a small package of peanut butter M&M’s which I shared with Ioua (I also shared my small cup of froyo).  For dinner we had Papa John’s pizza.  And for a treat Emily and I went out and got personal gelatos (which I didn’t even eat a fourth of)  from the store – kind of like Ben and Jerry’s.

Needless to say – I was sick after the hot dog let alone the rest of it.  By the time the day came to a close and it was time to go to bed I had to put a cold towel on the back of my neck and just sit for a while.  I am thrilled that I had really been eating so healthy through the week – but next saturday I am going to limit what I eat.

I am glad I am making a real change.  I am also glad I have people in my life who support me! My husband, my sister who talks me off of the ‘treat ledge’ during the week. (Although I don’t know how close to the ledge I’ll be getting this week – it was seriously that bad.)

So here goes.  Our challenge is 3 months long.  Here’s to being healthy! Here’s to being strong!

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