S is for Summer: and white legs


You know that awkward moment when you go to the park on your lunch break … you are only there for 25 minutes … and you come back to work with a real nice sunburn?  Oh you don’t?!  Well that’s the life of a ginger.  I got fried.

I will totally be there tomorrow though! It is just so relaxing.  Nothing feels better then relaxing in the sun, feeling the warmth on your face, and taking in the smell of summer.

photo (2)

Love this park! It is so beautiful!  It’s also very clean and not sketchy at all – if you are from California you know what I mean with that.  Like I said, relaxing.

photo (3)

This little girl kept wandering over and saying Hi!! Hi!!! Hi!!!!  That is until her mother freaked out and made her go back to the jungle jym.  I guess I give off that creeper vibe?

photo (4)

Who am I kidding? I would be nervous too if I saw an abnormally pale girl taking awkward selfies.  You never understand how many freckles you really have until you are in the sun.  It’s like they come out of hibernation.

So it was all fine and dandy.  I even considered taking a nap! But then it happened.  A black SUV pulled up, as usually happens with dramatic stories though mine will not involve spys or Kim Kardashian.  As soon as the door opens I hear the meanest talk I had in a while!  You are so ——- dumb!  You are a lying idiot.  I can’t believe you are so ——- dumb!

I looked over to see who was being so rude and I see a dad getting out of the car yelling these horrible things at his wife in front of his five children.  The wife, obviously embarrassed, grabs 3 scooters, a bag of food, and a water bottle and walks as fast as she can away from this guy.  He in the meantime gets out his phone and talks to whoever about how stupid his wife is.

I was mortified. Devastated.  Angry.  I wanted to walk right up to him and kick him in the you know where!  I however picked up my blanket and lunch and went back to work.

I am so grateful for the family I was raised in.  That my father loved and respected our mother so much and taught that to us.  I am also so grateful for a husband who always treats me with the utmost respect.  Never under any circumstance was this situation okay.  Ladies you better not be doing it to your husband’s either!  Ruined my day for sure, but more seriously that woman has to deal with her husband’s abuse on a regular.  So sad.

And what was he so mad about?  There weren’t enough trees at the park.

2 thoughts on “S is for Summer: and white legs

  1. LOVE the pics from this post!!! gorgeous! I wish I was there to go relax at the park with you on my lunch break!

    • Every time I do something like that at lunch I think … man I should be living by Kelli so we can both do this! Miss you!

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