Breakfast at Tifiny’s


Breakfast at Tifiny’s.  It is right on main street in Santa Clara – I think that’s what town it was in.


^^My dad took this pic of Ioua and I … ^^IMG_2326

^^We are just so precious^^IMG_2325

^^I do really great poses … incase you were wondering what that was^^IMG_2324

How sweet.IMG_2323

It was such a cool place.  We ate outside, but I wanted to take a picture of one of the rooms inside to show how cool it was!  Right out of a movie.IMG_2321

That was my omelet.  Everything they served was beautiful and tasted great!

They even put berries in the water … classy.IMG_2319

This was Ioua’s.  Totally beautiful.  The weather was perfect too.  Granted we were there super early because we had been out yard selling.  That is why I look so haggard.  I literally rolled out of bed.


My hot chocolate.  Yes I know it was warm outside, but I can’t go somewhere for breakfast and not order hot chocolate.IMG_2316

My dad is so elegant.IMG_2315

And handsome.IMG_2314

This is the super artistic photo I took of my water with my iPhone.IMG_2313


Such a great shot …IMG_2311

I look great in the mornings.


Love this kid.  Even if he does get sick of me taking pictures.IMG_2308

My mother is SO beautiful!IMG_2307

It was such good trip to see my parents.  Yes it was over mother’s day weekend … which as a LONG time ago … but I just needed to blog about it.  If you are ever in St George you need to hit this place up.  I recommend going with some really classy people.  Parents are best.


Happy VERY late mother’s day mom.


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