The weekend we went to St George we went yard selling.  We saw many things we wanted – among them a tea set that I REALLY wanted!  I would have no where to keep it however so I had to pass.  Ioua eventually found a treasure – Battleship.

Almost everyday since then he has asked me to play. I hate board games. The best though was when him and the kids played.

IMG_2351So focused!  Ioua was so excited to have someone to play with! (I need to play with him … I’m a mean wifee)

IMG_2350Elijah was super into it.  Watching him and Ioua play was the funnest.  Lucy couldn’t wait for her turn … which kind of turned into her telling Elijah where Ioua’s boats were.  What can I say, she gets that from me and my pops I guess. And my Grandma Gardner …

IMG_2349Elijah eventually won I believe.  It was great though!  Maybe it can become a tradition or something?

IMG_2348<Insert cheesy church line “Family, isn’t it about – time?>

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