Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

photo (2)photo

Just as an FYI they did NOT play that song … I was super disappointed.  That’s life though I guess.  Well the Orem Owels game was minor league baseball at its finest!  It was a lot of fun and they had the cool things they did as well.  Like tossing the foul balls that don’t go over the fence to the little kids.  If a ball does make it over the fence you see a sea of children converge on the ball and over the loud speaker they play, “Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!” Like the seagulls from Finding Nemo.

They also had some fun games in between innings.  Like this one where Ioua and Janweb had to spin around and then race on tricycles … Ioua won.

photo (7)  photo (8)photo (9)

Good to know Emily could appreciate a good pair of baseball pants with me … he he he such a creeper.

photo (3) photo (4)

And last  but not least – sherbet in a baseball hat.  Yup, this is the life.

photo (10)

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