Paris 1960: What would I be doing?

If you can’t tell TCM is running on constant at this house.  I am currently watching a french musical from the 1960’s and it has me dreaming of what I’d do … and wear … you know if I had a time machine and a million dollars.


I would of course go to museums … you have to be cultured when you’re in Europe.      Link


I might take some public transportation.  I here the system in France is very sophisticated.     Link


When in France you do stupid things like “buying leather jackets for much more than they’re worth” … and you know wear purple eyeliner with a pink hat … I can dig it.     Link


I would certainly throw a fancy dinner party.  But I would have to be the best dressed.  Because it’s Paris and that is just the way it is.     Link


In Paris you can also pose whenever you like.  This is because the city is so beautiful – you have to do your best to compete.  It also blends with the scenery and makes pictures much more enjoyable for tourists.     Link


I would go to a fancy night club in a fancy fur coat and let the men take their turn flirting with me (but then Ioua would come and I’d leave with him).     Link


We would walk around the city, taking it all in, and stop and enjoy a kiss in the rain.     Link


I would be asked to be on the cover of my favorite magazine because well, they’ve never seen an American with such style and grace (Yup in my dreams).     Link


I might do a little sun bathing.     Link


And then walk along the shore in my perfect dress.     Link

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 6.34.32 PM

Then I’d take a train and get off at whatever stop fancied me.     Link

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 6.35.12 PM

And when I came back to the now, everyone would marvel at how cultured I am.  But what they won’t realize is it’s the fur coat and gloves.  A fur coat and gloves can make any girl feel magical.  Link

Disclaimer:  While I have been to Europe I have never been to France.  So basically this is all stuff I’ve either dreamt about or seen in movies.  Don’t hate.

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