I’ts Okay To Be Still

Be Still

Yesterday was good. I get out a bit earlier from work now which is awesome! In kind of an uncharacteristic move I decided not to turn on the TV. Instead I started dinner and sat down one the couch with the Ensign magazine.  I love reading the Ensign and I need to do it more. Reading those words is so encouraging to me.  Afterwords I decided to write in my journal.  It was so rejuvenating to just sit in the quiet.

I think for the rest of September I am going to take 30 minutes a day just to myself to sit calmly and quietly and do something just for me.  I really think it will help bring down my anxiety levels.  Not that I have as much to worry about as other people – but I have had trouble sleeping the last couple of weeks.  Last night though I was able to really sleep deeply and I felt a lot better today then I have lately.

I think we need the quiet to be able to connect with ourselves, but more importantly Heavenly Father.  Even if we aren’t doing anything wrong – just being busy all the time can keep us from feeling his presence in our lives.  And I NEED his presence.

I have also been really thinking about service lately and how I need to give of myself more freely.  That is how you grow as a person I think.  It’s a great way to develop talents, make new friends, and just feel better about yourself as a person.  I am grateful to have such great examples in my life of service.  So, here’s to a great month everybody!  And to fall – my favorite season!

5 thoughts on “I’ts Okay To Be Still

  1. Great challenge Glenna! I am going to try this out myself. Taking some time to “stop and smell the roses” is something I often forget to do too!

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