Summer Trip: California

Last week we were in California … THE WHOLE WEEK!!!  I was so great!  It of course was so crazy busy that by the time I got home I felt like I needed a couple of days to just sleep.  I think California will always feel like home to me, even if we don’t end up living there.

We went down to California for Ioua’s little sister’s wedding.  It was so beautiful!  Akita and Kyle make such a cute couple!  They are hilarious and I know they will have a wonderful life together.  Love is a beautiful thing – ain’t it?!

I left my phone in my purse all day of the actual wedding so the only photos we have are on Ioua’s Instagram … I suck.  But I did get a VERY FEW of the Banning reception!  I had a great video of my brother doing the tootsie roll, but Instagram deleted it.  Me and Instagram aren’t friends right now.

photo (15) photo (16)

Crappy Iphone shots … sorry again.  This was when Mason was battling his son Mese – plaid shirt  – I thought I was taking a video …  It was so fun to be there with everyone! Ain’t no party like a Banning party ’cause a Banning party don’t stop!

photo (31)We had A LOT of adventures that week.  One of which was chopping off all of my hair! Eek!  I totally love it!!!  I was so sick of trying to manage it all the time, and I wanted something fun.  So my bestie Lindsay hooked it up!

In the middle of the week we headed out to Ventura to see my brother and his family.  SO MUCH FUN!  Not to mention the perfect weather! (In banning it was like 103 everyday).

photo (24)

We went and saw this really cool cross thing.  It was supposed to be built way back when they built the first missions in California.  The view blew my mind! Absolutely amazing! photo (23) photo (22) photo (21) photo (20) photo (19) photo (18)photo (5)

photo (6)

Ashley took me down town while the men fished off the pier! It was so fun, we went to thrift stores, a french bakery, a few boutiques, and we even managed to find my niece some fairy wings.  Isn’t she the cutest freakin thing you ever saw?

photo (17)While we were in Ventura the newlyweds wanted to meet up for lunch.  So we went to Padaro’s Beach Grill in Carpinteria  and it was fantastic!  You eat outside in a beautiful garden area and just on the other side of the hedge is the beach!  After lunch we walked to the water and played for about an hour.  At which time I got fried!  My scalp has been the last thing to peel and so it looks like I have horrendous dandruff right now.

photo (29) photo (28) photo (27) photo (26) photo (25)

photo (3)

photo (4)We’re all models in case you couldn’t tell.

photo (12)Before we left the next morning I came out of the shower and saw this … it’s like Just Dance, but Disney Princess style.  What a hunk!

photo (30)When we got back to Banning we took my niece Sila out for a treat.  She earned it by being the only one brave enough to go on the zip line at our family reunion (besides Ioua – which I will be sharing later this week).  She got the biggest cup they had and filled it with Nutella flavored frozen yogurt! Nutella flavored! Can you believe it?!  I could die happy!

photo (10)photo (7)Last but not least we took another trip to China Town.  You know, I really think by bartering skills are improving!  I am wearing one of my purchases in this picture, My new jade necklace!

Thank you so much to all of my brothers and their families for putting up with us!  We had so much fun with everyone and can’t wait to visit again!  Also, thanks to Mario and Cynthia for being so wonderful!  I couldn’t ask for better in-laws!

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