Pure Love

My wonderful stupendous hubby whom I love SOOO much had a birthday!  I haven’t posted yet because I have been trying to think of what I should say in this post (besides the ‘what we did’).  Ioua is kind and thoughtful.  He is strong, handsome, and really funny!  But he is so much more!

He is my eternal companion.  As we sat in the temple this last Saturday I looked at him and thought about The Other Side Of Heaven.  When the elder tells of pure love.  Well, sitting in the temple looking at my husband who loves me freely, who makes me a better person, who is such a good example to me, I thought to myself – this is it.  Pure Love.

It isn’t about where we will live, what we will have, or what we will do.  It is about loving this husband of mine through everything that comes our way.  With the Lord by our side we can accomplish everything.  I am so grateful to have a husband who knows this and who can accompany me on this journey.

Also, one who is fearless! Even in the face of a REALLY high zip line at our family reunion.

Sorry about how loud I yell … but it was exciting! Sila was the only other one brave enough!  So we kind of ended up having a birthday weekend, but those are the best kind of birthdays right?  Here are some pictures that I just know you will love as much as me …

IMG_3060Thursday night we were kind of lazing around when we remembered we had to take a red box back – on our way home it was such a beautiful night so we decided to walk around Center Street.  And then IOUA SUGGESTED WE GET A TREAT!!!!! That almost never happens – it is usually me … Anyway we went in to Station 22 and got root beer floats! They were soooo good! No chili powder and they were so big I couldn’t even finish it.  Bomb.  We liked it so much we dragged Emily and Janweb there the next day!

(This is when we officially started birthday celebrations … just to be clear)

IMG_3063 IMG_3080 IMG_3079 IMG_3078 IMG_3077 IMG_3076 IMG_3075 IMG_3074 IMG_3073That was my macaroni and cheese – with a side of pork!  I enjoyed every bite of it! Well, except for when I shared.

IMG_3082He is such a cutie pants!  Love that 24 year old! haha What an old man!

All summer Ioua really wanted to have a BBQ up the canyon, so we decided to do it for his birthday.  Saturday morning came and he was so worried no one would come because the news said it might rain.  ‘Might’ rain was an understatement.  It was a full blown hurricane – so we changed some things and had the party at our house instead!  Good thing we bought Just Dance for the connect!

It happened to be Elie’s birthday too so we had one big party!


Birthday’s are the BEST!!!! On his actual birthday I took him out to Texas Roadhouse … I know he’s spoiled hahaha.  I really just wanted him to have to sit on the saddle while they did the yeehaaaw! thing.  Totally worth it!

IMG_3088 IMG_3093 IMG_3092 IMG_3091 IMG_3090 IMG_3089

After that we saw a movie.  We were really early though so we decided to walk around the Riverwoods for a little while.  So of course this had to happen …


IMG_3100 IMG_3099 IMG_3098 IMG_3097 IMG_3096 IMG_3095Oh, and then there’s this … told you he is a stud muffin!

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