Best Friend

I have lots of best friends.  They all mean a lot to me.  Some I have had since I was little, some are more recent, but all of them have helped to make me a better person.  A best friend is someone who will call you on your bull, go deep into your ruts with you and pull you out, fight with you, do REALLY stupid things with you, and rejoice with you. Best friends might not support every decision in your life, but that isn’t their job.  Their job is to be there for you when you come back and need a shoulder to cry on.

I have had a best friend that I have laughed so hard with she peed her pants (3 times), granted we were about 4 years old making a movie for my sister’s high school health and safety class, but it still happened! I have also been openly mocked by a bestie when I made out with an NSYNC poster a little too hard and ended up with the paint from the poster rubbed all over my face.

I have had roommates who supported me through some pretty scary times, who danced with me on top of the couch in the front room, and who helped me discover the pretty cool things about myself.  One of my roommates and I hit a milestone together (going to Victoria’s Secret for the first time for {GASP} undies!!!)

My friends have taught me about loyalty, kindness, and what it means to be a true disciple of Christ. This week take a moment to tell your bestie(s) you love ’em.  Keep them close and don’t let those friendships die.  A best friend is what makes life great.  And funny.  And almost always inappropriate.

Best Friend

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