Yesterday was a hard day.  It started out okay.  I remember thinking in the morning that I felt great!  I was even invited to judge a soup making competition for the marketing department.  We had plans to meet up with friends, and it was the freakin weekend so you know.

Then it all started slipping through my fingers.  I had such high hopes for Friday night.  Ioua had group meetings so we would get to the mallow roasting an hour late.  I did NOT want to have to cook on my friday night.  Ioua had the car though so I was limited to places that deliver.  My pizza place went out of business, Jimmy Johns absolutely REFUSED to deliver me a sandwich even if I paid an extra fee.  And there is nothing within walking distance of my house.  So I decided to just watch The Big Green on Netflix and feel sorry for myself.

When Ioua got home we went as fast as we could to the designated place for mallow roasting and after 45 minutes couldn’t find our people.  It was miserable.  I was disappointed.  I was annoying.  I was a brat.  I made Ioua take me to Costa Vida and my be a half salad and a flan.  I was horrible.  When we got home I crawled into bed and the tears flowed.  He of course tried his hardest to discover what was wrong.  I tried to explain, but I knew I just needed to go to sleep and start a new day today.

I think I was most upset because we couldn’t find our friends.  We don’t really have a lot of friends in Provo that have time to just go do something whenever.  I was so excited!  I need friends, I think I need the laughter and the story telling and the happiness that comes from hanging out with good people.  That is why I was mostly upset.  I was a little heart broken, which as I type it out sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.  Poor Ioua, I bet he didn’t realize I was this crazy when he met me.

Well, the story does have a happy ending.  As I lay in bed I got a FB notification.  My friend who was the photographer at my baby sister-in-law’s wedding posted this to my wall with this caption:

"I think it's safe to say he makes you happy"

“I think it’s safe to say he makes you happy”

Yes, yes he does.

p.s. I spent the morning reading blogs on Bloglovin (link on my sidebar).  I need to work on choosing happiness – even and especially when I can’t control a situation or I don’t get my way.

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